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Wedding Checklist

When first engaged some Brides and Grooms may want to have an engagement party.
This is a formal way to announce your engagement, families meet and interact and most importantly you both are able to share your joy and happiness with others.

_______________ Choose wedding date and time- keep in mind this date and/or time might not work for everybody but don't let that stress you out because unfortunately you won't be able to accommodate everyone.

8 - 12 months before the wedding:

_______Begin creating a wedding budget - this will be hard to follow but if you don't make one you could end up in more debt.
_______Choose wedding style and theme.
_______Start a guest list- This will help you have an idea of what size reception you will have.
_______Reserve the ceremony and reception location.
_______If your reception hall does not provide the food select a caterer.
_______Select a florist.
_______Shop for a Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses.
_______Sign up for Bridal Registries.

4 - 6 months prior to the wedding:

_______Make final arrangements for the ceremony.
_______Finalize your Guest List.
_______Order invitations.
____ ___Order all bridal attire.
_______Start your honeymoon planning.
_______Shop for wedding rings.
_______Check with the county courthouse about your requirements for a Marriage License.
_______Find your wedding reception entertainment such as DJ's, pianist, bands, violinist, harp, etc.
_______Find a photographer.
_______Shop for Groom and Groomsmen's attire.
_______Update Bridal Registries.

2 - 3 months prior to the wedding:

_______Find local hotel near reception or other arrangements for out of town Guests. Hotels hold a block of rooms, discounted.
_______Address invitations (mail 4-6 weeks before the wedding).
_______Order wedding cake if your reception hall does not provide one.
_______Finalize details with all weding vendors.
_______Finalize the honeymoon plans if you haven't already.
_______Plan rehearsal- contact officiant, priest, judge, reverened, justice of the peace.
_______Make hair appointment- If Bridesmaids are included coordinate with them.
_______Have a final fitting for bridal gown and attendant's gowns.
_______If you are purchasing bridal wedding favors, centerpieces or any decorations shop for them now.

1 - 2 months prior to the wedding:

_______Purchase gifts for attendants, parents and fiancé
_______Check accessories, ring pillow, flutes, candles, garter, cake cutter, something old, something borrowed, something blue
_______Keep a record of all gifts received for thank you cards.


wedding favors

3 weeks prior to the wedding:

______Confirm accommodations for out-of-town guests.
______Make sure all business and legal documents are in order especially your marriage license.

2 weeks prior to the wedding:

______Go over final details with all wedding vendors.
______Make sure you have the marriage license, rings, and wedding attire.
______Plan seating arrangements including place cards.
______Box up all items needed for reception hall. If hall is setting up label and add directions to the boxes.

1 week prior to the wedding:

______Give the reception hall and/or caterer the final count.
______Give the musicians the lists of music for the ceremony and reception.
______Meet with your photographer to finalize details. Don't forget to pick a wedding photo album.
______Make sure everyone knows their role in the wedding.
______Attend rehearsal dinner - usually 1-2 days before the wedding.
______Get manicure / pedicure - usually day before wedding.

The day of the wedding:

Allow plenty of time for hair and make-up.
Eat something.
Relax and enjoy your very special day!!

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