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Wedding Reminders

Things you might never think of.

1. Have small arrangements of flowers at the home where the Bride is having pictures done.

2. Leave yourself a note at the front door of all the things you need to bring on your wedding day.

3. If you have any special seating arrangements for special people be sure to let the Ushers know.

4. If your ceremony is indoors, how many lights do you want on for the ceremony?

5. If ceremony is indoors do you want any windows open?

6. Do you want fans on?

7. Should someone bring rice, rose petals, confetti poppers, or bubbles.

8. Ask someone to arrive at reception early and check to make sue all flowers were delivered, cake, and etc. Also make sure everything is set up the way it should be.

9. Give a list to the photographer of any specific photos you would want.

10. Do you want any specific doors open or closed during any time of the ceremony?

11. Are your wedding favors suitable for children also? (If children are invited)

12. Where will your card box be located? Will it be in a safe place?

We hope our Checklist helps your Wedding Day go smoother

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