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Our new Chakra key chain makes a great favor to promote a healthy life style, body and soul. If offers an invisible healing energy called Prana, which is a vital life force. The Sanskrit word Chakra means wheel or disk in english. In yoga and meditation it refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main Chakras which align the spine. Chakra represents the balance for a healthy body and mind.

This beautiful charm is gift packed in a red bottom box with a traditional lotus flower henna design. The East Asian design bottom has a brick stage for the item to rest on. The box is wrapped with a white organza ribbon wrap and bow. Attached to the white organza ribbon is a round red 'For You' tag.

Size of round charm 1 3/8"
Made of silver metal with a lotus cut-out design
7 different color rhinestones, each one represents one of the 7 Chakras
Chakra charm is attached to a silver metal chain and key ring
A beautiful gift that offers the healing energy called Prana, to promote a healthy life style, body and soul

This item is not personalized
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