Gift Registry F.A.Q.

What is the Gift Registry?
The Registry is just that, a wishlist, just like a Bridal Registry, but we call it a Gift Registry because we have many customers who are not wedding shopping, as we carry thousands of products.

How does the Registry work?
The Registry is your wishlist, you can click the Add To Registry button on any product page to add the item to your own personal Gift Registry, which you can send to multiple people. You should LOGIN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT first so it can be saved (Recipients who receive your Gift Registry do not need to create an account to purchase items in your list). This is very popular with brides to be who can select anything from bridal accessories to wedding favors and supplies.

Will the Favors Depot Registry remember my selections?
Yes, until you remove them AS LONG AS you do create, or have, an account. Accounts are free, open yours today.

I have items in my wishlist, how do I get them into my account?
That is easy, just click the Create Account or Login link at the top of the page. When you sign-in to your account our system automatically transfers all the items in your Registry to your account. If you do not have an account yet just sign up for one and the same applies.

If someone buys something in my Registry will it still be in the list?
No, the item will automatically drop off the list.

I added some personalized items to my Registry but I do not see my personalized text, why?
Yes, that is a bug we are aware of, but not to worry, your personalized text is there and will show up if someone adds one of your personalized items to the shopping cart, it is just not showing up on the Registry page, but techs are looking into the problem.

How do I specify the quantity I want in the Registry?
That is a future addition coming soon, but for now you can enter that information in the text box on your Registry page, just below the area where you enter your friends and families email addresses.

Speaking of email, how do I send my Registry to friends and family?
Simple, just view your Registry. When you can see your complete list of items you are there. Next, scroll down and you will see all the boxes where you can send the Registry to your friends and family. If you have an account, sign in and view the Account page. You can access your Registry anytime from there, and you can delete items if you wish as well, or add new ones by visiting product pages and clicking Add To Registry instead of Add To Cart.

How many people use this Registry?
Right now, about 130,000 people use this Registry but do not worry, we have plenty of room for hundreds or even millions more Registries.

There are not enough boxes for all the people I want to send my Registry to, now what?
Actually there is, you have unlimited contacts that you can add. Simply send your Registry to the people you want to receive it and next, do it again. You can visit your Registry all you want and keep sending it out.